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Arcana Famiglia

Arcana Famiglia hot icon

Arcana Famiglia - The story follows Arcana Famiglia, a self-appointed organization with mysterious powers that has protected a small Mediterranean island from pirates, foreign countries, and other threats. The only ... View more

Koi dano Ai dano

Koi dano Ai dano hot icon

Koi dano Ai dano - After being transferred from school to school during her middle school years, Kanoko has entered Takara no Tani High School with Tsubaki. For some reason, ... View more

Hana ni Kedamono

Hana ni Kedamono hot icon

Hana ni Kedamono - That was the first time I fell in love. The first time I met "Leopard-kun", time stopped and I could not breathe. My heartbeat became louder ... View more

Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi

Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi hot icon

Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi - Nanase Sakashita is good at playing the role of model student but that doesn't stop her from taking an interest in Hana-kun, the school's delinquent. ... View more

Himitsu no Ai-chan

Himitsu no Ai-chan hot icon

Himitsu no Ai-chan - Reo is tomboy Aiko's rival, and Ai strives to beat him in everything - like basketball and popularity - but her efforts always fail with Reo ... View more

Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 hot icon

Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 - The "Special Crime Investigation Department 007"; includes the most capable and extraordinary investigators and Fuyuki, who also becomes one of its members, is very capable, too. ... View more

Kimi to Koi no Tochuu

Kimi to Koi no Tochuu

Kimi to Koi no Tochuu - Just when I thought it'd start with you, you disappeared; I would've never thought this... Yuna has lost trust in love after her first ... View more

Nise no Chigiri

Nise no Chigiri

Nise no Chigiri - Mana is an ordinary high-school student who somehow travels through time to the Sengoku Jidai (the Warring States Period) and encounters Uesugi Masatora, one of the ... View more

Ouji to Hero

Ouji to Hero hot icon

Ouji to Hero - Hana, a country girl, has to move to Tokyo because of her father's work, and what's this? Her school is like a castle, her classmates have ... View more

Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to

Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to hot icon

Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to - When the masculine and popular-with-the-ladies Ooji Subaru arrives at her new school, her encounter with her childhood friend Megumi and the other four ... View more

Para Paru

Para Paru hot icon

Para Paru - Meet Ikeno Komaki --an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Everyday is pretty much the same as the last, until today. Today she awoke from a strange ... View more


Pochamani hot icon

Pochamani - "Pochama" is someone who likes soft and squishy things or someone who likes chubby people (A LOT). [...] In the story, the issue of being fat in high ... View more


Siesta hot icon

Siesta - The world of Siesta is set in fantasy Europe where there are people called bullet users who were discriminated against badly for reasons unknown to readers as of ... View more

Sugar Soldier

Sugar Soldier hot icon

Sugar Soldier - From the time she was a child, Makoto was always compared to her beautiful sister. So she decided to become just as awesome as her sister for ... View more

Super Darling!

Super Darling! hot icon

Super Darling! - It's not that she tries to keep to herself, exactly: It's just that everyone seems to look right through her! Naturally, Sakuya Tohno has a complex about ... View more

Taiyou no Ie

Taiyou no Ie

Taiyou no Ie - "Back in the day, that place was a house filled with magic - a place where you ended up smiling even if you were crying. Surely, ... View more

Usotsuki Wakusei

Usotsuki Wakusei hot icon

Usotsuki Wakusei - Chica is packed away to sleep in an escape pod, to avoid a deadly asteroid collision on earth. When she wakes up, however, she finds herself in ... View more

Good Morning Kiss

Good Morning Kiss hot icon

Good Morning Kiss - Nao and Uehara-kun, after living together (!?) during middle school, are now an ordinary university couple that are semi-living together. Of course Nao has kept the ... View more

Gakuen Ouji

Gakuen Ouji hot icon

Gakuen Ouji - The stage is set in the prestigious Private Joshi (girls) Oka High School, more commonly known as Joshi High. It became co-educational a few years ago, but ... View more


Conductor hot icon

Conductor - Kuchiki, a flutist, was plagued by nightmares every night that forced her to seek the help of counselor Matsuzaki. Ishikura, a police inspector, unexpectedly discovered a headless mummified ... View more

Biyaku Cafe

Biyaku Cafe

Biyaku Cafe - The aphrodisiac night retreat is a place with no menu, and the tea is made to the customer's image by the employees. An omnibus story surrounds the ... View more

Ano Ko to Issho

Ano Ko to Issho hot icon

Ano Ko to Issho - Kanori makes a new friend on her first day at a new school, Kazumi, and she decides to participate in a group date with her ... View more

Warau Kanoko-sama

Warau Kanoko-sama

Warau Kanoko-sama - Although she doesn't get along with people very well, Kanoko considers herself a perfect "observer". Her hobby is observing the students in her third year junior high ... View more

Hime-chan no Ribon

Hime-chan no Ribon hot icon

Hime-chan no Ribon - Himeko is an energetic, cheerful tomboy who has a catch-phrase to cheer herself up ("Ike, Ike, go, go, JUMP!"). Yet she somehow lacks the courage to ... View more

Issho ni Neyou yo

Issho ni Neyou yo

Issho ni Neyou yo - Ichiko Usami is a fifteen-year-old runaway girl. One day, while she's loitering around the riverbed with nowhere to go, a masked boy named Kohaku suddenly ... View more

Kiss made no Kyori (YOSHINAGA Yuu)

Kiss made no Kyori (YOSHINAGA Yuu)

Kiss made no Kyori (YOSHINAGA Yuu) - Kaji, Yuzuha's unrequited love, is a good friend of her younger twin brother Hayao. He's the same age but goes to a different ... View more

Like a Bird

Like a Bird hot icon

Like a Bird - View more

Naisho no Jikan

Naisho no Jikan

Naisho no Jikan - While at school, Mahiro is the super straight-laced honor student. But she has a secret... after school, she works at a cosplay cafe owned by her ... View more



Nakanmon! - Our crybaby protagonist Hirahara Tsukasa hasn't always been a crybaby. Due to the death of her older sister Chihiro, Tsukasa hasn't been able to stop the dam of ... View more

Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi hot icon

Fushigi Yuugi - Miaka Yuuki is an ordinary junior-high student who is suddenly whisked away into the world of a book, The Universe Of The Four Gods. There she becomes ... View more

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