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Yumekuri hot icon

Yumekuri - Yugami Makoto likes to travel to different Hot Springs. On his 100th visit to a Hot Spring he meets a beautiful foreign girl in the bath. Stunned by ... View more

Magi - Sinbad no Bouken

Magi - Sinbad no Bouken hot icon

Magi - Sinbad no Bouken - It tells the story of Sinbad's early life, when he captured the first Dungeon, Baal. View more

Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to

Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to hot icon

Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to - When the masculine and popular-with-the-ladies Ooji Subaru arrives at her new school, her encounter with her childhood friend Megumi and the other four ... View more


Siesta hot icon

Siesta - The world of Siesta is set in fantasy Europe where there are people called bullet users who were discriminated against badly for reasons unknown to readers as of ... View more

Super Darling!

Super Darling! hot icon

Super Darling! - It's not that she tries to keep to herself, exactly: It's just that everyone seems to look right through her! Naturally, Sakuya Tohno has a complex about ... View more

Usotsuki Wakusei

Usotsuki Wakusei hot icon

Usotsuki Wakusei - Chica is packed away to sleep in an escape pod, to avoid a deadly asteroid collision on earth. When she wakes up, however, she finds herself in ... View more

Celestial Clothes

Celestial Clothes hot icon

Celestial Clothes - After his mother's death, Miwatari Yuu returns from Tokyo to live with relatives in the city of his birth, Ousuku. Yuu is the latest of a line ... View more

Devil Survivor 2 - The Animation

Devil Survivor 2 - The Animation hot icon

Devil Survivor 2 - The Animation - While Japan in desperate situation, 13 "devil survivors" cut deals with devils to obtain abilities to fight against unknown invaders with only 7 ... View more

Kyoukaisenjou no Horako-san

Kyoukaisenjou no Horako-san hot icon

Kyoukaisenjou no Horako-san - The story is set in a distant future where Japan is divided into feudal territories and conquered by other countries. There is a floating city named ... View more

Hime-chan no Ribon

Hime-chan no Ribon hot icon

Hime-chan no Ribon - Himeko is an energetic, cheerful tomboy who has a catch-phrase to cheer herself up ("Ike, Ike, go, go, JUMP!"). Yet she somehow lacks the courage to ... View more

Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi hot icon

Fushigi Yuugi - Miaka Yuuki is an ordinary junior-high student who is suddenly whisked away into the world of a book, The Universe Of The Four Gods. There she becomes ... View more

Hataraku Maou-sama! High School!

Hataraku Maou-sama! High School! hot icon

Hataraku Maou-sama! High School! - Spin-Off of "Hataraku Maousama!" As implied by the name, it focuses on the highschool aspect of his life. The chapters are also shorter. View more



Esprit - "You can do anything if you put your mind to it." That is how Mio was raised... if you could call it that... by her rather lazy guardian ... View more

I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

I Don't Want This Kind of Hero hot icon

I Don't Want This Kind of Hero - A hero who fights countless mythical creatures. A story of SPOON's remarkable efficiency! View more

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi hot icon

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi - God abandoned the world on Sunday. As a result, nobody in the world can die or reproduce. A little girl, Ai, is the gravekeeper for ... View more

Neko Musume Michikusa Nikki

Neko Musume Michikusa Nikki hot icon

Neko Musume Michikusa Nikki - Follow the life of cat-girl Kurona and her friends as they meet other monsters, demons and spirits - learning how to deal with them...and with ... View more

Michibata no Tenshi

Michibata no Tenshi

Michibata no Tenshi - Catolle's parents are murdered by someone who is after the mysterious Book of Ega,that summons anything with spiritual power only when the owner of the book ... View more

Shoukoku no Altair

Shoukoku no Altair

Shoukoku no Altair - Mahmut is a young Pasha serving on the general's council of Turkiye. The clouds of war are gathering over his country. With Turkiye's council split between ... View more

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail hot icon

Fairy Tail - Celestial wizard Lucy wants to join the Fairy Tail, a guild for the most powerful wizards. But instead, her ambitions land her in the clutches of a ... View more


Toriko hot icon

Toriko - In the world where the taste and texture of food are very important, there is Toriko, a hunter of precious foods regularly hired by restaurants and the rich. ... View more



07-Ghost - Teased unmercifully for his past as an orphan and a slave, Teito has only his best friend Mikage to ease his days at the elite Barsburg Academy - ... View more

Black Bird

Black Bird

Black Bird - There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours, and only a special few can see it. Misao Harada is one such person, and she ... View more



Freezing - Beings from a different dimension have started a war with mankind. To counter this threat, an academy called "Genetics" that trains female warriors called "Pandora," who can wield ... View more

High-School DxD

High-School DxD

High-School DxD - Hyoudou Issei is an ordinary yet lecherous high-school student who is killed by his girlfriend, Amano Yuuma, during their first date. Yuma is revealed to be a ... View more

BAROQUE - Ketsuraku no Paradigm

BAROQUE - Ketsuraku no Paradigm

BAROQUE - Ketsuraku no Paradigm - A cataclysm has destroyed the cities and empires of men and disfigured the spirit of humanity. In this nightmare, it falls to him to ... View more

Akaki Tsuki no Meguru Koro

Akaki Tsuki no Meguru Koro

Akaki Tsuki no Meguru Koro - Riu is the only daughter of Kioka Saenji, the 11th generation head of the famous Rokugi Kabuki theatre house. Since she was small, she ... View more

Tail Star

Tail Star hot icon

Tail Star - Long ago, in the far reaches of space, there existed a world as pure and blue as the Earth. And on this world, there lived two "Queens" ... View more

Iris Zero

Iris Zero

Iris Zero - In a world where every boy and girl has a special power called Iris, Toru who, as a result of not having any kind of special power, ... View more

Legend of the Sun Knight

Legend of the Sun Knight

Legend of the Sun Knight - The Sun Knight is a man who has shining golden hair, sky blue eyes, a compassionate nature, and a brilliant smile. He is the ... View more

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai - Meet the Urumas, a slightly dysfunctional family of four sorcerers. Mom, being the most powerful sorceress around, works away from home keeping the world ... View more

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